Living cities v1.42x- v1.43x

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This mod enlivens 2 cities of Praha and Brno
Added – Pedestrians , Animals , Cyclists , People at bus stops and benches !!!

Installing the mod !!!
1. Throw the SCS file into the Documents,Euro Truck Simulator 2,mod and connect in Modifications.

Changes in 1.1
The third city of Bratislava has been added

Changes in 1.2
The fourth city Wien (Vienna) has been added
The file size has been reduced

Changes in 1.3
Added the fifth city of Banska Bystrica (Banska Bystrica )

Changes in 1.4
Added the sixth city Budapest ( Budapest )

Changes in 1.5
The mod now works both alone and in convoy mode, but only on the standard map

Changes in 1.6
Added the seventh city of Ostrava ( Ostrava )
Reduced file size

Changes in 1.7
The eighth city of Katowice ( Katowice ) was added


DOWNLOAD 387 MB [mirror]

9 thoughts on “Living cities v1.42x- v1.43x

  1. Screenshots , hmm… kkk… lol ;/

  2. ### welch eine Schande so einen Screenshot hier rein zu stellen.

  3. compatible with promods?

  4. Hello! For those who ask the question: No, this mod is not compatible with ProMods. It’s beginner’s mapping that overwrites the base map, so all maps in general. Instead of compiling only the added elements, the author has stupidly integrated all areas of the base game. In the end, without interest, except for those who use a version without the slightest addition of maps.

  5. nice but why scs not make citys more living in game like this modder does hope game devs adds more similar thing game herself basemap that was cool then to see

  6. Of course, I have mistakes in fashion, I do not argue. But since I didn’t make a mod at all and was doing the mod at first only for myself.. therefore, do not judge strictly. If you liked the mod, I will continue to work. If not, I’ll do it just for myself. Have a good game to everyone.

  7. the way, about what you wrote, I hope that the scs will take up the revitalization of cities or not. I hope so, since I’ve been doing mods for version 1.34 for a long time when there was no voice navigator yet. I added real voices. navigation during engine start, engine shutdown, engine failure, etc. and after a while, the SCS added voice navigation.

  8. Hello is this compatible with RusMap?

  9. Здравствуйте … Только на дефолтной карте

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