Load Mod for Buses and PickUps


Update for 1.19.x, fixed bugs.

Another in sharing when the original link’s use.

unkown, leti7kedil


4 Responses to Load Mod for Buses and PickUps

  1. Jorge Baracho says:

    Was is it?

  2. Lucasi says:

    Its a mod that you an use with any bus or Sprinter van or pickup truck without a trailer. So the load is in the back

  3. james says:

    Until someone can get either a longer invisible trailer to work or the unload criteria positions moved forward this mod WILL NOT UNLOAD PROPERLY because the shorter trailer used does not go back far enough to trigger the recieved cargo regardless whether it is a bus, a truck, or a wheelbarrow or even a van. DO-NOT waste your time on this mod

    • jimneydodah says:

      To be frank, this mod should be removed from public download. Not only does ‘not’ work, but it will never work due to inherent issues such as unloading, as stated above.

      People should be warned away from downloading this thing, because its too embarrassingly bad to be called such a thing. For a mod to be broken, it needed to have been working in this first place, this thing has never worked! All mods should be varified as working before being added to the site….

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