Lowdeck Addon for Scania S&R Nextgen by Sogard3 v 1.0

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Lowdeck chassis addon for Scania S&R Nextgen by Sogard3 v1.0.

Trailer cables working.

2 New cabins with raised spoiler (For skins add this line to def file: suitable_for[]: “highlinel.scania.r_2016.cabin” or suitable_for[]: “highlinel.scania.s_2016.cabin”).

2 Opened rear fenders Paint/Plastic (For skins make a new .sii file with this name “skinname”.4x2o_p.sii).

2 Sideskirts with side lights Paint/Plastic (For skins make a new .sii file with this name “skinname”.4x2_p_lights.sii).

2 Shorted rear mudflaps.

5 Acrylic plates (Spanish, french, uk, irish and nenderlands).

Only stock skins working(I dont have all DLC to make them working).

Tested on 1.31 without other mods.



12 Responses to Lowdeck Addon for Scania S&R Nextgen by Sogard3 v 1.0

  1. evox says:

    Pretty good, you could do it to 6×2/4 Chassis

  2. Wenny says:

    cool..please make for others chassis..

  3. Sogard3 says:

    @evox @Wenny

    This is not a lowered chassis, its not the same, lowdeck its only for 4×2 and sometimes for bdf.

    Correct me if im wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • evox says:

      NO a 6×2/4 with the 3rd axle liftable pushed as the UK use a lot, and lowered for high volume trailers same that you did for your 4X2.
      and please you’ve forget the tint glasses on your modded cabs with lifted AERO.
      thank you by advance ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sogard3 says:

        Im not planing to do the 6×2/4 anyway.
        About the tint glass I didnt find the correct .mat file for them, maybe somebody can help me with that… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Antonio Colonna says:

    Will you also update the other trucks for which you had also made the low deck, like the man from madster or the trucks of schumi to make them compatible to 1.31?

    • Sogard3 says:

      Check the scs forum I posted them here, MADster its going to make his owns low deck chassis.

  5. ScaniaLover says:

    Damage mods! Red fuel tanks on Scania next gen default chassis 4×2 and crash game or chassis 8×4!
    Version game 1.31.x

    • Sogard3 says:

      You’re the only with that problem I already told you that this mod it was tested in a clean profile without other mods! Its not my problem that other mods conflict with it.

  6. manu_ebm says:

    Low Cabin / High Spoiler please

  7. Harris Tsoutouridis says:

    Can you make it support mighty griffin !

  8. beno says:

    How do i use it? all I see are 5 files.

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