Lowdeck Addons for Schumi’s Trucks by Sogard3

Lowdeck chassis for:
-Renault Premium
-Iveco Hi Way
-Mercedes Actros MP3
Put above:

Schumi, Sogard3


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23 thoughts on “Lowdeck Addons for Schumi’s Trucks by Sogard3

  1. amazing!

  2. Man you’re a legend!

  3. in+daf++they+do+not+work+light

    1. Did you put the files above? For me they’re working.

      1. all four together

  4. all four together ?

  5. This is the correct order:
    1.DAF XF E6 Lowdeck
    3.Renault Premium Lowdeck
    5.Iveco Hi Way Lowdeck
    7.Mercedes Actros MP3 Lowdeck

  6. Yes,+I+have.+


    1. I also have red lamps in daf and renault and missing stairs in mercedes. I have that order.

      1. The stairs will be fixed in next version.

  7. Sorry for the missing textures this is the new link:

  8. Andre Santos

    Nice dude.. Thx

  9. Sadly there are no Facelift headlights 🙁 Will you add them next time?

    1. Yes! I just fixed that 😉

  10. game+crashed

  11. Daf and Iveco game crashed

    1. Sorry but they’re tested in clean profile without any other mods and work with no problem.

  12. X_GamingPL

    The problem with lights in Daf Euro 6 low deck crashes .mat 🙁

    1. Download from the link in comments!

  13. Michacker1011

    Where did you get the Krone trailer mod? Your mod is great. I just want to combine it with the trailer.

  14. Damyen085

    it would have been nice if you could put miniskirts in the lowdeck because you can not wear them? can you update?

  15. Damyen085

    there are also many bugs in choosing the color of the grid

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