Multos Skin for Krone Mega Liner

Multos skin for Krone Mega Liner by EdekLs

Link for trailer

Please do not reupload.



8 thoughts on “Multos Skin for Krone Mega Liner

  1. Perfect !

  2. Missing files! Please stop this bullshit.

    1. Ok I won’t upload my skins here anymore. Have a bad day

      1. Do not get mad, maybe he did not understand that only the skin
        criticism are part of the people.
        Continue here has upload your skins and do not worry
        you have changed name? or are you also Lanker

        1. I don’t know any Lanker

          1. Ok, ciao

    2. Read the description, this is only a skin for the trailer in description. Download the 2 files and put togheter.

  3. Mr.GermanTRCK


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