Malmbergs Åkeri Combo Skin for RJL Scania w/ Kast’s Ekeri addon

Swedish company based on Gotland, Skin based on truck XPW 118.

Contains : Metallic skin, Skins for Kast Ekeri Addons with painted wheels, Window sticker and lightbox!

Requires to be a higher priority than all mods below

This mod requires :
Scania by RJL :

Scania R & Streamline Modifications v2.2.3 (1.31) [21.06.2018]

SMG Sticker V2 by Schullis Mod Garage :

SMG Sticker v 2 + Templates [1.30beta]

Powerkasi Scania RS Addons :

If shared, please use original link! 🙂

TIMDAM, Kast, Schullis, Powerkasi


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