MAN Interior


Interior for MAN TGX XXL (cab only XXL, other sticking front curtain). Two types of trim: Default and my version (fully pereteksturenny + modified dashboard). Every detail of the interior is added as a normal shadow vneshke and inside.

Cab (XXL) and 4×2 chassis also bake, but do not know how well).
Game Version 1.11.1

daf1, Bambino, Roadhunter, K-SHOE,ton


7 thoughts on “MAN Interior

  1. FranckDay

    Video Please ???

  2. eure Gardinen finde ich zum kotzen…

  3. And no one ever understands that the curtains goin’ up to the top of the upper window 😀 guys did you ever sit in a XXL? Just hillarious 😀

  4. Do you know how delete that curtains and wimpels in exterior? I deleted mod but I still see that.

  5. nice, aber andere Gardinen farbe wäre toll

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