MAN Tandem UPS Combo Pack

MAN-Tandem-UPS-Combo-Pack-1 MAN-Tandem-UPS-Combo-Pack-2 MAN-Tandem-UPS-Combo-Pack-3

There are 3 files:

1 is the skin for the MAN truck for logos and paint etc.
1 is the B62-UPS_dd_tandem_truck_pack
1 dd_tandems_trailer_profliner

Author: Bobbo662


4 thoughts on “MAN Tandem UPS Combo Pack

  1. Read the READ ME file in order to understand how to place in mod folder.

  2. Please Omega Pilzno

    1. Go check it out, I did it for you. Enjoy!

  3. what verison?

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