MAN TGA v 1.0 by MADster


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– A high visual quality truck and low poly count
– A good looking interior (UK in the next version)
– All default accessories
– All default skin
– 4×2 / 6×2 – midlift / 6×2 – tagligt / 6×4
– Heavy bumper available for all chassis
– Curtains and side curtains
– Purple sunshield
– GPS Mio Spoirit
– Cab Accessories DLC compatible

Authors: MADster & SCSSoftware & Giants Software


25 thoughts on “MAN TGA v 1.0 by MADster

  1. Better)))

  2. Omar-Scania

    MADster you are the ####### master Work continues on this MAN TGA. Thanks!

  3. Great work, such an awsome mod 😀

    Can you make an interior like in newer man TGA with steering wheel and dashboard like in tgx, and euro 4 and 5 engines would be great.
    Keep good work 😀

  4. Thanks for this very good TGA. I´m looking for since a long time.

    Have you also please Templates? That would be nice.

  5. Vefijifiga

    I freaking love this mod! The best TGA for ETS2. Waiting for updates!

  6. Vefijifiga

    I freaking love this mod! The best TGA for Ets2. Waiting for new updates.

    B E S T !!!!
    If i knew you in person, i would buy you a crate of beer!

    Also, greetings to Romania! 😀

  8. our saviour has brought us another fantastic mod 😀 you are a total legend my friend 🙂 thank you for sharing

    1. just a slight minor bug, when indicating left, the right side repeater is flashing also (side indicator) if you would like to check that out. everything else is absolutely fine, no issues with the sound although I did change the start up, engine shut down and indicator sound. if this could interested you, the indicator sound from the mp4 4148, if you turn off the ‘blinker_off’ in the def, you have as close as to an original MAN indicator sound.

  9. BaloghZsolt

    Welcome! A template can ask him?

  10. engine start and engine turn off sound was not working and idle sound too , plz check sound~

  11. annother very very good truck mod , excellent work MADster

    but can you please make a daf cf euro 6 mod

    greatings from The Netherlands

  12. MADster add engine 390;)

  13. Sound doesn’t work properly , same issue with MAN Euro 6 … when accelerating it’s fine but you can’t hear it while stationary/engine turning on 🙁

  14. Pannickus

    link doesn´t work

    I can´t download it from germany …

  15. Simon Melkert

    New link please, this link don’t work.

  16. mersi

  17. now the download link works

    and templates:

    1. cruise give your contacts how to contact you write your email be kind

  18. Salut!Poti face ca bara care e la sasiul heavy cu o culoare separata fata de cabina?

  19. Can you make the plastic bumper of the truck

  20. WangeloITA

    Can you do a man tgl?

  21. Can you do next version paintable visor and deflectors. Also you can do old style mirror (only main mirror on the driver side). Would you do also different types of interior (like MAN TGX interior)

  22. Great Job,thank you,works perfect on 1.2.3 too!

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