MAN TGA v1.1


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Features v1.1:
-TGA spoiler for XLX cab
-All the accesorries from TGXs (wind deflector, table, laptop, curtains, etc.)
-Plastic bumpers
-8×4 Chassis (with liftable axle)
-New icons for the configurator

On this site you can find a Christmas DLC for this truck 🙂

MADster & SCS Software & Gians Software


21 thoughts on “MAN TGA v1.1

  1. Do I’m the only one, who doesnt like the interior? Looks like a driving Iveco van not, TGA :/

    1. You can use this one:
      instead of my mod because it looks better than my mod 🙂

      1. I think your interior looks very, very good! Definetly a quality one considering the textures and steering wheel is nice!
        Though i wish you could do MAN F2000 interior or re-do this one which is quite accurate, just needs a little refining…

        Merry christmas!

        1. The model interior is quite good, but its really small.. That i dont like it.. @Madster, thanks ill give it a try

      2. just some few textures editing Madster, and it will look amazing

  2. How to make skin for this truck?

  3. Many thanks! Excellent truck and works well on v.

    1. Как скачать мод?

  4. VendeTTa_BG

    Hi I have problem with the man when I buy the truck the game is crash (sorry for my bad english )

  5. Here’s my video about reviewing this truck with exclusive Xmas DLC for MAN truck series made by MADster. Hope you enjoy the video!

  6. MakinDamage

    Make the sunshield like on the TGX to can put text

  7. MAN-TGXa 18,440 XLX Fan

    Hai, Mr.Madster you are Master of MAN-Trucks i am your Fan you god job of Zmodeller1.2.3

    I give you Likes

    Please MAN-TGA Euro 5
    Please and New Update of MAN-TGX Euro5 V2.0
    You are the best King of MAN-Trucks Modding

  8. Please, where I find the texture for skin? THX

  9. Hello, I plan to add accesories to this truck. This truck is fantastic and the other TGX’s.

    Note: Only for me.I ask if i can do accesories. The all accesories will be finished in late 2016,so it’s a lot of work. I will add curtains, more laptop’s, coffee makers and bed’s for cabs. 10 Beds!! and camera mod.

    MADster is from Romania, so the language isn’t a problem.I from Romania. So good! Base of the accesories will be taken from original documentation. 30% finished!

  10. MakinDamage

    The TGA Man is with 2 interiors you can see them on pictures in google and you need to put the steering wheel from TGX

  11. Westheimer

    Great mod !!! We are waiting for new versions :3

  12. Gratulation the mods PLEASE! PLEASE!!!!!! 1.25 PATCHES Update convert!!! 🙂 THANKS YOU!

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