MAN TGS Euro 5 Reworked Heavy Spec

MAN TGS Euro 5 Reworked Heavy Spec Truck for Euro Truck Simulator 2
For 1.49 Game Version.

Koutsu, WTD, Daffa Aqiilah


13 thoughts on “MAN TGS Euro 5 Reworked Heavy Spec

  1. Wrong Credits.
    Ben Affhandy build this.

  2. Crash when choosing the truck in the mod dealer

  3. Warning DO NOT DOWNLOAD
    junk files!!!
    all textures are missing from the trailer.
    the truck is missing lights and various textures!
    2020 files and only one update GONE BADLY.

    1. so the mod is fake? or they are still testing for future updates?

      1. false credit, they’re just stealing the mod. the original creator is Ben Affandy ( he have not update this mod since 2020

  4. fake

    1. gkvfjx gaming

      GIRL ????

  5. don’t download guys i downloaded it myself and the mod is trash a lot of texture is missing and it crash the game

  6. the mod is not fake it works well for me i recommend you look at mod order and make sure it’s above maps and tailers mods and in the right order and there will not be any crashes, etc and use only tunning that the truck has or it will not crash on ya and if you have issues with other mods the mod order are

    Maps/Map Addons then Trucks then Trailers then Tunning then AI Traffic then Graphics mods then Sounds then Mis/UI/Map Skins

    1. I did the mod order right but the truck missing many textures

  7. This is complete ####! Don’t waste your time

  8. ikaikaika

    I was able to play with this Mods truck based on your post, thank you.
    It certainly has its problems, but it’s still playable.
    For your reference, I have made a video showing the installation of the mods, the configuration of the truck, and the test run.

  9. ibobom truck

    mod works for me but i cant play in co-op with my friend , game crashes whenever one of us joins anothers session . if you know or figure out why pls help .

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