MAN TGX Eiro 6 Tandem – ByCapital v 3.3

As the title says. This mod adds tandem chassis for the MAN TGX Euro6.

You must have the latest MAN TGX Euro6 mod activated for this mod to work.

I also recommend you to install Flemming V’s Tandem pack or Trailer packs to get trailers for this truck.

Or download my tandem trailers.

This mod comes with five tandem chassis for the MAN TGX Euro6 by MADster.

• 4×2 Tandem
• 6×2 Tandem Rear stear
• 6×2 Tandem Rear stear Taglift
• 6×4 Tandem
• 6×2 Tandem Taglift

Available tandem boxes are the same as in Flemming V’s BDF Tandem Truck Pack.

Changelog v3.3 to 3.3
Converted by CobraBlue6 to the new model format for game version 1.27

Please don’t reupload and do respect the credits.

Capital – Tandem chassis
MADster – Base truck
Flemming V – Tandem base
CobraBlue6 – Conversion to new model format
50keda – Shadows

Capital, MADster, Flemming V, CobraBlue6, 50keda


9 thoughts on “MAN TGX Eiro 6 Tandem – ByCapital v 3.3

  1. Biggey Smalley

    Does not work with Madster 1.9 game v1.27.

    1. Biggey Smalley

      Sorry, Cobra blue has fixed and updated. Works now.

      1. Sorry, but I have again a Problem wizh MAN TGX and TGX E6 (all by Madster) :

        In the Front and the Fenders on the Backside it´s broken.

        1. I forgot.
          I´m not sure, if this is really from Capital, because if the MAN is updated, there is no Container for the Tandem from FlemmingV inside.

  2. Hi friend you released this mod but there is no truck for him please get a truck for him thank you

  3. And please do the Scania T Tandem mode for scania T v2.2 ETS v1.27 please

  4. please make a Kenworth K370…

  5. Can you update the version for Scania RJL 2.2???????????

  6. Can`t attach any tandem trailer to the truck, anyone knows why?

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