Map EAA V3.2.1 for promods-v2.02 version 1.23


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Map EAA V3.2.1 for promods-v2.02 version 1.23.

The card works only with promods-v2.02.

Fixed conflicts with promods-v2.02.





To install from top to bottom:

EAA v3.2.1

ProMods 2.02 + RusMap_Road_Connection.





Author Team EAA TEAM By combining voldemar56.


29 thoughts on “Map EAA V3.2.1 for promods-v2.02 version 1.23

  1. Thanks, now EAA works fine with PM and no fixes needed.
    Nice work and that overnight 🙂

  2. and tsm????


    tsm map ?????

  4. Hello. Why is not pick up passengers Before install can play job have passenger?

  5. @tanapon: open your eyes, this map is EAA normal map, and NOT EAA Bus map

    1. It really seems to me Need not be mod Bus. Then another To play it It is not used for Bus.

    2. And I Playing to promod Already Wanna see how it can be compatible EAA map Yes or No.

  6. works with tsm and rus map???

    1. Did You even read the description???

  7. Give now a normal order of priorities.

  8. Luis Carlos

    Some version works with TSM map?

  9. yes finally it’s works thanks EAA Team for this wonderful map,it works with promods 2.02,PJ map 1.7, VladzzGs_map_for_ProMods_v2.01_R2 & rusmap 1.6.3 combined all together.

    thanks guys.

  10. Marcus Ice

    im experiencing a gear bug in the latest version of Promods+Turkey Map+EAA Map+ and Rusmap it changes for 1R to 4S can someone help me fix the problem please thanks

  11. before I installed the new EAA MAP I was using the real transmission pack by adyx50 so I think it replaced the gear change for EAA maybe that’s why,try using it maybe it will help with the gear bug that you are having.

  12. hi it is a truck version not a bus verson

  13. I just download and install it.So in order i put this map > promods hotfix > promods 2.02.
    I opened the world map and i noticed the dots on map shows the cities moved from their correct places.
    Example the city names in Iceland appeared with promods correct in the Iceland map, now they appear in the ocean.
    Also i noticed a change to the works income.Lower than before.
    Must i change the order, coz in description says map from EAA team must go above promods one.

  14. who ever got map in order can they put video or something as dimstam says main map is all over the place my order was promods 2,2 then hotfix rus map 1.6.3 followed by your map game crashed can some gve correct order please

  15. Mackenzie

    this is the load order that I’m currently using nd it works for me with no problem whatsoever,first

    map EAA v3.2.1
    rusmap def
    promods assets
    promods models 1
    promods models 2
    promods media
    promods map
    promods definition
    rusmap model
    rusmap model 2
    rusmap map
    promods+rusmap road connection
    project Balkans assets
    pj indo map 1.7
    the last one is vladzz-G’s map add-on -R2

    1. I used your order.I dont use other maps than EAA and promods.But the prices are still lower and also the dots on map continue to be out of the correct positions.
      promods hotfix
      all other promods same as you

  16. Worked fine on a delivery from Europe to Brazil and on a first trip in Brazil from one city to another. But now every click on the freight market causes a crash to desktop. Teleporting to another spot, even back to Europe, doesn’t help. After switching off the EAA map, my freight market works again. What is this?

    Have Promods 2.02 and Rus Map 1.6.3 running and put EAA on top of it as requested.

  17. ok thanks mackenzie great job

  18. does the media and hot fix in that to for promds

  19. Problem solved, had to reset economy. Nothing wrong with this map.

    1. NOthing wrong?Lets see.Delivery distance 992km.income 772 euro with my own truck.Thats a big wrong.Same underprized incomes happen to also the map for the bus.At least for me these wrongs make me deinstall the map.(The truck one).

  20. Blackspots

    I don’t know. EAA Brazil only works by itself. Even with just ProMods, I still get a CTD

  21. FlorianHun

    Please Correct the mistakes of the bus and take on more buses.Anyway good only so many missing.

  22. There’s something else I want to join EAA (Map Brazil) to map ProMods + Russia, but I know what has to be order. Please, give me an advice.

  23. i hope it will be compatible with 1.24 game version soon..,,..
    the game is going forward….

  24. I have maps EAA 3.2.1 + Promods and several other modifications (not economic).
    90-95% of cargo tasks from the cities of Brazil (not seaports) are intended for delivery to Europe. I do not want to deliver freights to Europe – I play only in Brazil map.
    How to correct this situation? It is a problem of modifications? (For example Jazzycat trailer)?

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