Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan version 0.9

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The map is autonomous, you need to create a profile for the game and change the gaming module to kaz
Note: If you still have a profile from previous versions, you can continue

The map has the following cities:
– Karaganda
– Temirtau
– Saran
– Shakhtinsk
– Akdyr
– Koktenkol
– Kayrakty
– Abay
– Akshatau
– Kievka
– Aksu-Ayuly
– Osakarovka
– Kosci
– Atasu
– Karazhal
– Zhairem
– Kayrakty
– Vishnevka
– Ereymentau
– Abay
– Astana
– Zhambyl
– Akzhal
– Shalginsky
– Youth

Version 0.9 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.32.x):

Added 2 new cities and new roads:

– Kyzylzhar
– Shubarkol

-Fixed bugs fixed
-The map has hidden roads

Talgat Khasenov

DOWNLOAD 463 MB [mirror]

5 Responses to Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan version 0.9

  1. Metin Ateş says:

    dude can you do middle asia map? and good map from turkey

  2. TruckSimMods says:

    Video Test this map:
    28:40 time, in one place constantly, crashed map error…
    -Tested on 1.32 Steam version

  3. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test 1.32

  4. arnas0704 says:

    can you do complitable with rus map??

  5. gmtavares says:

    This seems like a ripoff of 09_KZ’s old map… Have you gotten his permission to use it?
    He plans on making is become a part of his add-on, Great Steppe.

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