Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan version 0.9

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The map is autonomous, you need to create a profile for the game and change the gaming module to kaz
Note: If you still have a profile from previous versions, you can continue

The map has the following cities:
– Karaganda
– Temirtau
– Saran
– Shakhtinsk
– Akdyr
– Koktenkol
– Kayrakty
– Abay
– Akshatau
– Kievka
– Aksu-Ayuly
– Osakarovka
– Kosci
– Atasu
– Karazhal
– Zhairem
– Kayrakty
– Vishnevka
– Ereymentau
– Abay
– Astana
– Zhambyl
– Akzhal
– Shalginsky
– Youth

Version 0.9 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.32.x):

Added 2 new cities and new roads:

– Kyzylzhar
– Shubarkol

-Fixed bugs fixed
-The map has hidden roads

Talgat Khasenov

DOWNLOAD 463 MB [mirror]

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5 thoughts on “Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan version 0.9

  1. Metin Ateş

    dude can you do middle asia map? and good map from turkey

  2. TruckSimMods

    Video Test this map:
    28:40 time, in one place constantly, crashed map error…
    -Tested on 1.32 Steam version

  3. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.32

  4. arnas0704

    can you do complitable with rus map??

  5. gmtavares

    This seems like a ripoff of 09_KZ’s old map… Have you gotten his permission to use it?
    He plans on making is become a part of his add-on, Great Steppe.

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