Map Sundanese Update by MAS ETS2 1.44 to 1.47

Before entering into the core part, please note that this map is a Sundanese 1.0 map made by Fauzan and Aldira, then it was developed to the ETS 2 Convoy version for the first time by Bimo Wahyu Saputro, because seeing in the updated version to this convoy there are still some bugs, so from that I took the initiative to make improvements to the bug, as for some improvements and updates made from the earliest version to date, namely:

Fixed some Dealer Bugs
Fix transverse fence
Fix some billboards that are close to the road
Adding the name of the region/city
Addition of company name + cargo
Additional passenger cargo
Adding a train
Added several new paths
Adding ai traffic to several terminals
Added several paths
And others

Fauzan and Aldira
Bimo Wahyu Saputro


One thought on “Map Sundanese Update by MAS ETS2 1.44 to 1.47

  1. The mod is not working with 1.47
    I tested it and it said incompitable.

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