Mapa – EAA V.4.2 Para [1.27.X]

The updated Brazil EAA 4.2 Final map to 1.27.
Added several towns and roads in Brasil,
Fixed bugs
updated some models.
Adapted for patch 1.27
Fixes all bugs (due to problems with DLC France)

Roberto Restanho, Jhonatan Siebel, Luiz Ferreira, Tonho Nunes e Filipe Sampaio


10 thoughts on “Mapa – EAA V.4.2 Para [1.27.X]

  1. victor198134

    где взять фикс EAA for Promods???

  2. Kevin s schneider

    Eine Frage geht das auch auf Mac OS X????

  3. Is any chance to connect EAA with Promods 2.16?

    1. the existing one works, just some small changes needs to be done, check the gamelog if it crashes what to remove

  4. Is there a connection fix, for connecting with ProMods?
    In 1.26.xx, there was a connection fix, but it doesn´t work with 1.27.xx!!!
    Greetings ans a big compliment for this fantastic map.
    Hope there is a connection fix 1.27.xx, I would play!!!

    1. Would also highly appreciate an updated fix for Promods 2.16! If possible, always include it into the download as a standard.

  5. Before yesterday I was still playing on the map and since yesterday it crashed to the desktop. Why do I ask?

  6. Chashes game in 127.2.1…

  7. oi+tio+Restanho+não+to+conseguindo+abrir+o+jogo+com+o+mapa+EAA+o+jogo+sempre+fecha,,ja+tentei+abrir+um+perfil+novo+so+com+o+mapa+e+o+jogo+fecha,o+que+sera+que+eu+to+fazendo+de+errado,desde+ja+obrigada..

  8. Muazzuddi88


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