Maters Brick Trailer Update

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Here is a update for the Maters Trailer i post earlier today.
For more realistic i made the first axle (near the truck) also steerable in the opposit direction. see picture
If you have download my trailer today, and you are driving it now,
then first finish or cancel your job, go to your modmanager and delete the trailer, go back to your game. it wil tell you that the game has changed and your truck got back home bla bla bla..
close ets2 and go to your modfolder Documents/eurotrucksimulator/mod
delete the old trailer and put in the new file, do not overwright the old file.
go start your game and activate mod in mod manager and in game you have to sleep 2 time’s to see my mod.
Hope you like this little difference that is more realistic to the real trailer.

Grtz Zeeuwse Trucker
please keep credits and origional downloadlink

Zeeuwse Trucker / SCS


16 Responses to Maters Brick Trailer Update

  1. zeeuwse_trucker says:

    I just found a mistake in the def file, you can fix by your self.
    doubleclick the “zip file” goto “def/vehicle/trailer/maters/” and open the file ” chs_balk_g.sii” with notepad++
    see liftable axle should look like this:
    liftable_axle[]: false
    liftable_axle[]: false
    liftable_axle[]: true
    liftable_axle[]: false
    so remove the 5th row and ajust as above, or download new mod file from this link:

    sorry for this mistake
    grtz ZT

  2. ysy770724977 says:

    This trailer is awesome and loves it! Can you increase the height of the cargo? It looks like it looks overloaded

  3. zeeuwse_trucker says:

    I made a mistake in a sii file, a new downloadlink will be here in comment but is awaiting moderation.

  4. v8_boy2 says:

    ok no problem mate

  5. bikkel says:

    nice trailer kan je zoiets maken voor limonade transport
    achtemijn volvo f88

  6. SlavikSD says:

    Excellent trailers, thank you very much.
    Perfectly look on ATS:

  7. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.31,,,

  8. Timkoerhuis says:

    Nice trailer but another question could you update the scania tuning pack that you made??

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