MAZ 6303 [1.34.x]

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– Find in DAF Dealer
– 2 Cabins
– 4 Chassis (2 BDF)
– 3 Engines
– 1 Gearbox
– 2 Interiors
– Its Sounds
– Wheels
– Skin Pack
– A lot of Tuning
– Tested on versions: 1.32.x – 1.34.x

Skorokhodov Eugene


12 thoughts on “MAZ 6303 [1.34.x]

  1. 656 MB it’s a joke

  2. No Joke Supercool verry Nice the Best Mod ever great Sound many Details so look cool thanks Bro

    1. Every single mod that exceeds about 100+ mb is a bad mod.

      a) if you know how to properly model a truck, using baked textures and retopology you dont even need more than 10-15 mb top for the truck model.

      b) in the moment a truck model goes over 30-40 mb, the game starts to eat resources like crazy. In mid end systems, this is bad, because it starts to eat fps and hiccups all over the place. Sure, the guy who did th emod probably had a last gen computer, as always, so he didnt even care about optimization. Not that it matters, it doesnt work well either on high end systems.

      c) Anyone who cant make a mod and keep the size under 200 mb is a terrible modder, and he probably has no clue about modelling for videogames.

      1. XDDDD Buy normal computer

  3. There are very good trucks that do not reach the size of 50mb

    1. You dont even need mods, all SCS vanilla trucks are under 50 mb including textures. But thats the difference, they know how to actually make proper trucks.. Most moders dont.

  4. is there a trailer for tandem????

  5. Alphafungamer

    Sehr Sehr gut gemacht viele extras und packs enthalten daher so Groß aber es lohnt sich tolle Arbeit weiter so … Lg Alphafungamer / NordSüd Logistik v.GmbH

    Hier das Video dazu 😉

  6. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, MAZ 6303 Tuning Mod [1.34]

  7. AngelofDeath

    Wipers in the rain do not work.

  8. I still need to see a kamaz mod that works properly without errors or terrible optimization lol. Guys seriously, its embarrasing.

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