Mercedes-Benz Conecto Burulaş and ÖHO trim Skin (1.44)

Mod pack for Mercedes-Benz Conecto 2012 1.43 – 1.44 mod including Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Burulaş Contracted Private Public Bus skin.

Mod installation: Put the downloaded “MB_Conecto_Burulas” file in the “My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod” folder.

Note: The contracted ÖHO coating is the “Istanbul Purple” option.



3 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Conecto Burulaş and ÖHO trim Skin (1.44)

  1. mod doesn`t work bro a little bit of files you have not uploaded and paitings is not repleaced pls repair it fast bro

    1. Is skin mod not working or vehicle mod not working? If you are talking about the vehicle mod, the vehicle is not included in the package, this mod is just a skin mod. Sorry for my bad english.

      1. skin only doesn`t working. Violet Istanbul and bursa is not replaced ( i don`t see a words on bursa paint and Instanbul Violet is not replaced i know why this cannot work propapbly a chance to repair is add a mod files (manifest description itp) not paitings folder with tobj

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