Mercedes Benz G Class by Elaman edit Diablo [1.27]

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It seems my fix for this module as alpha because it is still far from the ideal model is probably the GTA, converting it Elaman and after many months of it I edited the Diablo or damage so cool model obviously edited the it with the consent of the author Elaman in this amendment I did fix the model because it looked weak in the interior clocks were not legible like things in the interior made lightmask Fixed most of the animation improved collisions sound Bmw x6 HD-Truck standard mod will not be stolen improve it to perfection forbid edit without permission as you reach to other forum, do not forget to include authors !!!!!!!! and the original link to download respect the authors and their time to make modifications

Test 1.27



11 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz G Class by Elaman edit Diablo [1.27]

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. отлично. Спасибо. я ведь отправлял тебе текстуру для фары

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    Elaman I Diablo I have from you agree to editions this car

  4. please+can+anyone+create+Toyota+microbus

  5. Can you create the Range rover classic please!!!!!! <3

  6. Test Video :

  7. 7er_Freak

    Model is amazing, but breaking intensity is too low. What can I do? Breaking intensity slider in game settings is set all over to the right but car still almost don’t break. Help me, please

  8. It would be freaking awesome if you try to remodel from this G wagon into the 6X6

  9. Where i can get the car witch dealer ?

  10. Where i can get the car witch dealer ?

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