– Compatibility for 1.48
– Updated interior animations and models
– Updated the dashboard/interior colors and lighting
– Updated the steering wheels definitions
– Fixed warnings/errors

– 5 cabins: StreamSpace 2,50, BigSpace , GigaSpace, Edition1, Edition 2
– 15 chassis variants: 11 chassis tractor
– 7 engine variants OM 471 / OM 471 – Mercedes drivetrain mod ready
– 6 gearbox variants – Mercedes drivetrain mod ready
– 6 Interior variants LHD + RHD: Basic, Style Line, Trend Line, Edition 1, Edition 2
– 40 original Mercedes colors + Safety Truck skin, Edition 1 skin, Edition 2 CharterWay skin + SCS Paintjobs ready
– SCS Mercedes Actros DLC Ready

H&W Trucks and Tuningparts(Harald-RS,Wolli2017), Truckjunkie3d, ActrosMP3, DP Design


3 thoughts on “MERCEDES BENZ NEW ACTROS 2019

  1. H&W Trucks & Tuningparts

    This is a stolen Mod, the real Download link was are here:

    1. Ты в магазине тоже орëшь что продукты украли у фермера.

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