Mercedes-Benz W463 2012 G65 AMG V4.1 1.43


– Updated to game version 1.43
– Major edits and fixes
– New sound
– Improved engine realism
– Improved physics

*Before you push the car to its limits, be sure to understand its physics. It’s not very good at all at corners and is prone to rollover. You can open the developer console by pressing ` and input “g_suspension_stiffness 1” for a better driving experience*


Nimit, Mert İrşi, Elaman


18 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz W463 2012 G65 AMG V4.1 1.43

  1. Furkan Salih

    Be embesiller be gerizekalılar sharemods diye bi site var biliyosunuz dimi ordan paylışın Salaklar ya amq malları sizin ben kafanızı sikim

  2. Update porsche panamera pls

  3. This car is very easy to be thrown into the sky when braking

  4. pls peugot 2008

  5. Please repair the handling of this car, because it’s horrible when turning left or right. Not at least you should update the whole car, because there newer types of this. Anyway, such a good work!

  6. KarmaticLoaf

    Please update your Range Rover Startech. You have such Outstanding work. I only wish to add more interior options. This G Wagon is great! But I cannot put over 10k miles on it Like the Range Rover Startech <3 The vehicle information in the dashboard definitely needs an update as it only works for Time & Speed.

    Legit would donate if I knew how to! Please do not stop creating these amazing works of art!

  7. still waiting for xc90 update

  8. troche słabe przyspieszenie] ale jest SZTOSSS

  9. i know this is for name but please volkswagen golf 8 r line

    can you please make the volkswagen golf 8 r if possible

  10. Pls Chevrolet Cruze

  11. Please Mercedes cla45 amg <3

  12. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 // MB W463 G65 (V12 Süper Hızlı/Seri) [1.43]

  13. mahirjiyançavdar


  14. Please add a hook. Because it is very important in the game

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