Mercedes MP3 – Paintjob PJ 0.2 – ETS2 1.33

Extract winrar then put the scs file in ↓

My Documents → Euro Truck Simulator 2 → mod folder

Tested 1.33

Respect my work, if share keep the original link,
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More Images :[email protected]/



4 thoughts on “Mercedes MP3 – Paintjob PJ 0.2 – ETS2 1.33

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    “Respect my work.”
    Yeah, I think you had very hard work on this skin.

    1. Time lost, every day context these misconduct against skinners and modders, but I am insulted and accused that my fault the modders disappear (crazy things)

    2. Moh Skinner

      It’s my beginnings.


      Thank you


      1. Moh, don’t mind “TheGreenlightTrucker”, he’s just an ####### who likes to bring down others.. Keep up your work!

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