Mercedes Sprinter 313 By Thalken

Mercedes Sprinter 313 (1) Mercedes Sprinter 313 (3) Mercedes Sprinter 313 (2)

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Mod work on 1.18.x
– Compatible with Original & TSM maps + DLC East & North.
– This mod has changed skin and logo of Mercedes Sprinter for suitable with real life.
– In my video demo,i use 3 mods of myself create and TSM 6.0. When video near ending you can saw traffic very complex and them not let me go crossing easy,that is (Multiple Al Traffic v1.2 Mods) will release in 3 next week.

Link all my mod:

P/s: Please, show your respect by the way didn’t upload again my mod,if you’re want to share in another forum or blog then you’re can copy original link in this topic.

Author: Thalken


15 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter 313 By Thalken

  1. Nice xD i will test and thank for sharing Thalken

  2. Thank you

  3. Nhocsocksd

    Awesome men,i like this car so much thank you Thalken

  4. Cool, skin very simple but very realistic,thank you

  5. nice, but please cheange the wheels and the sound ( if possible )

  6. I also agree, everything is ok except sound and wheel. A fix version maybe make this car more realistic,anyway thank for share my bro.

  7. can you make a skin in a 3 wheel reliant robin with trotters indepedent traders in yellow and black

    1. Yeah thank you but unfortunate was suggest of you will make me create a new car to response require on,maybe this car is a great idea. A further question, you’re fan of Mr.Bean??? =))

  8. Thank you Thalken.

  9. The Big Boss

    where the trailer

    1. When using this car,you just can travel with it.

  10. haha THALKEN the answer to that is nop

    1. Yep, you’re right geoff1. ;)…
      Mercedes Sprinter, like Jeep Cherokee, Ford Raptor, BMW X6, can be also driven with the a car trailer (from Jeep Grand Cherokee).
      Also works with passengers from BMW X6, made by Furkan (I think, because I haven’t used the passenger mod from BMW X6 over a year, since I made my own many different passengers and animated trailers mods for all these 4 cars and a single bus – Scania Jumbuss, made by Fabian Espinoza – parked in my garage)…
      Btw, buses works only with passenger mod from BMWX6.
      Of course, like I did, always, anyone can make their own trailers and passengers mods to suit to any car / bus mod and / or to suit to their own wishes. 😉 As reference, it’s the same principle from truck trailers (just a little lower hook, different trailer model and wheels & optional high & trailer length etc)… 😉

      1. Long time not see you Sunnoco,how are you??? I’m still tangled about traffic light,because can’t find original folder of “Dynamic” to fix and SCS was change to ppd -> pmd :U

        1. Hi Thalken. I’m fine, thank you and sorry for late answer but I was too busy and I didn’t checked all mods to answer. How are you? Long time no see you also. I saw you uploaded a few mods more, but I’m too busy to finish my underground parking for my map to answer to all of them. Anyway, congratulations for those mods, too and keep up the great and hard work. Keep in touch, Thalken.

          P.S. I opened last night a topic on this forum and from now on I’ll answer only there to all of you, because it’s much easy and less time for me to do it like this:

          Good luck, Thaken, take care and don’t forget to drive safe, especially in real life!;)

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