Metal King Skin

Skin is maded for a Scania RJL V2.2.2
Tested on latest version of game
Respect authors work please do not reupload, keep original download link

Alexandar Lone Wolf


8 thoughts on “Metal King Skin

  1. Deadmarsh

    Thanks mate !! 🙂

  2. “Metal King” skin from the “Skin King”
    …#### these skins of yours are really awesome
    thanks for sharing !!!
    If you don’t mind I would like to use these skins of yours for the new Scania NextGen (convert them) , for private use only OFC ?

    1. alexandar_lone_wolf

      free your self mate

  3. tunning6000

    amazing job,thanks

  4. great job tanks

  5. Very pretty skin like always from you. You could do something with the day time you take the screenshots. Its always a little dark or use some weather mod.

  6. 2fast4yooou

    Hey, what addons do you use for the RJL Scania? Like for the rear bumper and the mudflaps? Also the side skirts are looking different from the normal RJL ones…

  7. Florian Maier

    Hi I realy like you skin and i want to Put the metal King on the Roof on my lightbox but to extract the skin I need a Passwort. I want only to use it Prifatly so if you could send my the Pw it would be nice Thanks 🙂

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