Metallic for Trailer [1.32]

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Metallic paint for own trailers.
Only for version 1.32!

John, SCS


6 thoughts on “Metallic for Trailer [1.32]

  1. You have copied the definitions for the metallizate skin
    from other authors here on the forum,
    and you block your your mod?
    You are really a very, very intelligent person. Congratulations
    people like you are a short way

    1. I did not copy everything I did myself !!

  2. Ok, I usually do not write lies, or maybe I was drunk

    1. Zoso I have never seen Metallic on the trailers so I did 🙂
      I do not look at the forum
      Sorry for English (GOOGLE compiler)

      1. My English is worse than yours (even I use google) but I usually can understand.
        I’m not condemning you death I expressed what I think as I do with other authors always with education. And maybe one day I’ll explain why I do not block my mods.
        Surely you do not care about it, but it’s not important.
        For me, closed discussion.

  3. here is what I was talking about.
    From the first comment I did not want to put this address.
    + metallic skin

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