Military Cargo Pack


Mod adds over 50 military cargos.
For 1.4.x or higher.



27 Responses to Military Cargo Pack

  1. VolterMort says:

    This is a standalone mod??

  2. VolterMort says:

    I downloaded and I saw that this mod is a STANDALONE! Nice work man, I realy like this mod!!! Looking for another amazing trailer pack!!!

  3. devil505 says:

    fantastic work

  4. how ya get it to work? selected mod in menu and see nothing from mod on game

    • VolterMort says:

      Me too has this problem, but I edited the name of mod > I added zzz in front of name of the mod and now the mod is loaded

      • Richard says:

        thanks… got it to work now… probably be the the best trailer mod…

      • Theosz says:

        Me either:

        1) new profile with no other mods: show nothing

        2) profile TSM (lvl 60) show something in depot, but is not seems a trailer.

        2) profile with Promods: show nothing

        • Theosz says:

          1)ETS 2 v1.5.2.1s (Steam)
          2)DLC Going East!

          :-\ Profile ProMods
          :-\ Profile TSM 4.1.1
          :-\ Profile basic without mods

  5. Human says:

    do you extract file too before

  6. Carsten says:

    nice trailers thanks for sharing

  7. AU44 says:

    Company Trampeli loading dock is on the UN

  8. VolterMort says:

    I think the problem why the mod is not loaded is because he creates some errors in gamelog. Open your gamelog and try to fix the errors related to this mod, I had errors with btr80 cargo and I deleted, and now the mod is loaded.

    If you want it, here is the mod that works for me:!DJsSCLxD!b37BrhiYCDpKrD0mUIRR3h0K2fg6eQAve19jxDbjJcU

  9. Michael Andersen says:

    dosnt Work in any way not ewen as the onley mod s

    shittey Work again

  10. MrEtsTrucker says:

    Works nice for me!

    V 1.5.2 + DLC, lot of mods… and a TSM Map 4.1..

  11. Bernie says:

    1.5.2 + DLC, loadet mod as last one. In game.log ok, in game doesn´t work. A bit strange.

  12. krukass says:

    delete all profiles
    reinstall the game
    start new profile with only this mod
    what you see….nothing
    shoot it off with his own tank!!!

  13. vpix says:

    00:04:28.490 : Obsolete map format detected. Re-save the map in editor to convert it to the latest one, please.
    00:04:28.490 : exit load_error
    1.5.2s + DLC

  14. RMA says:

    Pretty cool mod, with some zzz before the files it worked for me so far. ETS2 1.5.2 with the DLC and the TSM 4.1.1 installed.

    But I now got stuck in the tunnel exiting Rijeka to Zadar when I had the 9k33 ‘Oca’ loaded. Just an inch before the tunnel exit.

    Any ideas??

  15. Artur says:

    some trailers are too high and get stuck on traffic lights and overpasses, watch out!

  16. gunther says:

    this mod dont work for me i have no other trailer in the game only the name of the company is changed

  17. gunther says:

    no i have alrady sleep sometimes and the trailers are not in game. do I first make the high values ​​cargo disclose?

    • fayearth says:

      already added zzz or zzzz or zzzzzzz or zzzzzzzzz in front of mod name? that will ensure it will be loaded last

  18. gunther says:

    i have already try with the zzzz and this is also nothing changed in game for the trailers

  19. lolmofo says:

    you should not have to do zzz or reinstall game to get a mod to work should be as simple as downloading , extracting putting in mod folder starting game if get more complicated than that don’t use it , I have if mods don’t work in game with this method their are usually some nasty addons been slipped in with which doesn’t bod well for honest modders

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