Military Truck

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military truck Mod
Tested in versions
No bugs
Without frame drops

Group Indonesia


5 thoughts on “Military Truck

  1. A lot of bugs!!!

  2. Hey man please update the mod Traffic Density for Mario map 12.1

  3. CaptainLuq7474

    From the pictures shown, the truck looks pretty bad… the interior is a shocker especially, its not fully 3D and texture is just poor. The truck also looks familiar, I remember a youtuber who reviewed this mod in ETS2 version 1.16. Overall, sorry to say but this mod is something I would not download, doesn’t matter if it is a different type of truck, in this case a military truck.

    On the positive side, do try and improve this truck. Im not a modeler myself but we would like to see improvements. I would like to try out this military truck but only if it has improved, mainly on quality and textures. Bugs would be another one to point out if it has a lot of bugs that need fixing.

  4. lordmodets2

    The cargo we deliver in Syria? …

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