Mitsubishi Fuso

mitsubishi-fuso-1 mitsubishi-fuso-2

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– 3 Cabin options
– 6 Chassis options
– 4 Engines
– Skin
– Interior

Tested Game version
Find in Volvo Dealer

Author: ThouArm


8 Responses to Mitsubishi Fuso

  1. Brian says:

    Interior it’s the same as volvo.
    Come with your own idea ?

  2. Maestro says:

    Is this FINALLY standalone?

  3. turboiron says:

    If replaces other Volvo, then such auto truck isn’t necessary!

  4. FyfferPlay says:

    It has the chassis of the old Volvo so I think it will replace the old Volvo an isn’t standalone. I won’t test it cause in my opinion this truck doesn’t fit in ETS 2

  5. Harry Hirsch says:

    Not download – Mod from 2013-04-18

  6. Indonesian Boys says:

    Is this support for ets2 1.23?

  7. Indonesian Boys says:


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