Mod Bus Laksana SR2 XHD PRIME – ETS2 1.38

The bus mod like SR2 XHD Prime can open the front and rear doors (ETS2 1.38 only). This mod is similar to EP4, has been tested on ets2 versions 1.30, 1.36, 1.38 (the latest version at this time)

This mod contains the livery:
57 Trans
Bariq Trans
Goddess image
City Miles [MGI]
Treasure Mountain
Harapan Jaya
Hiba Putra
Jackal Holidays
KYM Trans
Prime rate
Forward Smoothly
Murni Jaya (3)
Rimba Raya
Rosalia Indah
Sudiro Tungga Jaya (2)
Sugeng Rahayu
Natural resource
Light of Dawn

ETS2 version 1.38
in this version it already supports open doors, so you just have to activate the open windows in the gameplay panel

Activated mod 4 files :
– [worked1.37up] Like_Sr2XHDPrime.scs
– hookup1.30up_Laksana_Sr2XHDPrime.scs (activate this mod if sein wants to flow, if you don’t want to run, don’t activate this mod, the mod still works at 1.30)
– Interior Lights For Trucks n Bus.scs
– Laksana_SR2XHDPrime_NRS_edit_Shandy_ft_Okta_next_Danies.scs

NRS, Shandy, Okta, Danies


One thought on “Mod Bus Laksana SR2 XHD PRIME – ETS2 1.38

  1. Lukman Hakim Afifurrahman

    Wow amazing bus design,,, i suggest this mod need a little update in the interior camera that front glass its to dark to drive

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