Mod for steering wheel of 180-270 Degrees 1.26.XX


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Updating this mod for version 1.26.XX of ETS2, also works for ATS 1.4.4.X

Explanation and adjustment of the mod in the video.



9 thoughts on “Mod for steering wheel of 180-270 Degrees 1.26.XX

  1. Would you be able to make 1800 mod for steering wheel ? 🙂

  2. wow

  3. ohkuma_setsuko


  4. Thanks) My friend has ‘economic’ wheel, he needs this mod I think.

  5. please 1800 degrees too

  6. te amooo!!!!!… ya no sabia que hacer con este volantebarato que tengo :c

  7. _GhostAttack_

    It works great !!

  8. Frederick

    Wheel does not return to center when I let go of wheel. Physical wheel recenters but not in game wheel.

    1. Frederick

      I take that back. It seems I overlooked a physics mod that I think conflicted. It works great after removing that mod.

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