Mod for steering wheel of 180-270 Degrees. 1.28.XX

Update of this mod for version 1.28.XX of ETS2, also works for ATS 1.28.XX

This mod makes fliers that are NOT 900 degrees, for example fliers 180 or 270 degrees are much more manageable in the game.

Author Rockeropasiempre



7 thoughts on “Mod for steering wheel of 180-270 Degrees. 1.28.XX

  1. Can you make 90 degrees version of this mod ?

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      yes friend.

      1. many thanks c:

      2. Dmytro Khomenko

        is it possible to make a virtual wheel to turn only 180? I hate when it’s turning more than my wheel, so I just disabled it

  2. harbiston

    i have steering wheel what turns 180. how this mod gonna help me or what does it do ?

  3. подскажите как выставить руль геймпад нелинейность на минимум чуствительность руля на максимум я так понял

  4. скачал установил мод но разницы не заметил

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