Modified Route Advisor for ETS2 [1.27] and ATS [1.6]

one of the options “Hemil’s Route Advisor”.

The mini-map at the top, center, when you switch on F3, one click is the map, second click – no;
message by pressing F6, F7 and F8 at the bottom, center, if enabled mini-map, if you encounter these messages, it is not working (but not updating the display of the location of the truck);
infostrada – bottom;
Ticker – on the right and bottom edge of the screen. Light green color;
the box of weight control has shifted to the right and down on the Ticker (ATS);
mirrors in fashion is not.

Test version’s ATS and ETS s

Hemil, wik412


5 thoughts on “Modified Route Advisor for ETS2 [1.27] and ATS [1.6]

  1. It crashes for me?

  2. Only for ATS 1.6 and ETS2 1.27

    1. ohhh sorry i thought it worked for 1.26 sorry!!! Very nice mod though,Or atleast it looks really good!

      1. On there is a mod Small mirror hud and tweeks, it will go to 1.26

  3. It’s perfect! Thank you!

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