More Special Vehicle by Muszek

Hi! I come back after more than 4 months of fighting with the computer … I present my modification ADDING new emergency vehicles. This is a very early version, started two days ago, but I want to check if creating such a module makes sense and if people like it.


– 5 Polish special vehicles, (in the future I plan to make as many skins variants as possible, not only for the guard, but the tags for the Ambulance and Police, and when I am at a higher level in Blender new vehicles will be created from the ETS2.

It will be nice if you rate my mod, say what is missing, any suggestions, I will read everything … I would like to make a modification with the community!
In the comments you can also give units that I have to imitate (skin) of course too much so far I can not do it but slowly move forward.

A huge thank you to the person who once created a video for me, thanks to which I am able to make my early version. THANK YOU

I respond to comments ONLY on the SCS forum !!! –

SCS, Muszek


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