New dashboard indicators (retarder, lift axle, aux lamps)


Scania T
All EU versions ready.

Mod tested and compatible with Scania T Mod by RJL V1.5.1!
Using with other Scania T mods or (Scania) mega packs can cause crash to desktop.



4 thoughts on “New dashboard indicators (retarder, lift axle, aux lamps)

  1. Thanks a lot for making the mod, and for listening to requests. Much appreciated.


    а нового образца можно щиток приборов сделать???

  3. davidzoli

    Thanks Leon!

    We have an update for UK versions:

  4. John Zimmermann

    Hi. treyed allmost anything set the files the right place, i think but i doesen`t
    Work. Maybe it`s only Work with the original dashboard, i use the V8 GOLD
    DASHBOARD. Can you send me a guide how to do the install
    Manny regards .ZIMMER.

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