New Gen Scania Custom Dashboard Computer Pack Fix for 1.32 (1.2.3)

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Fixed dashboard textures brightness.
You need main mod “New Gen Scania dashboard computer” for use this dashboard.


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5 Responses to New Gen Scania Custom Dashboard Computer Pack Fix for 1.32 (1.2.3)

  1. Driverstein says:

    Video with this mod:

  2. Waltencyr says:

    thanks. cool!

  3. Heaven and Hell says:

    Very nice mod, i really like it! However, there is a tiny problem with the blue one, it doesn’t show me the speed i want to adjust on the cruise control like the green and the regular. I don’t know about the red, because i don’t like red anyway, sorry! Keep on the good work and thanks for the mod!

    • ryanclark1995 says:

      Yeah I noticed that too. It only is on the blue dash that it doesnt show you what you have your cruise control set to

  4. SanderGaming says:

    Is there a version for 1.33 also?

    i am on 1.33 and everything works, except there is a grey dot in the middle of the display

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