New Interior View v2.0


This mod have 2 choose: FOV 77 or FOV 60, and can let you look left
and right outside.



5 Responses to New Interior View v2.0

  1. Laz Mohawk says:

    Just use a TrackIR :p

    • volvo4life says:

      Not everyone can afford to pay $150 for TrackIR 5 you #####!

  2. klever says:

    Can you customize it for Kenworths Long?

  3. Berann says:

    Exellent mod! Thank you!

  4. Human says:

    exelellen but what I must change to get a little bit far in the wheel, new_interior_view_v2.0_fov60.scs mod has camera too close for the wheel

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