New menu style v5


1-Added more hd icons

2-Includet Logo Raben & Noppon Expres & DB Shenker & H. Essers

3-New Transmission icon

4-New engine icon

5-6 New truck preferred design

7-52 New profile picture

8-New street map color

9-New sound gate garage , I did not like the sound,was too loud and
disturbing, this sound is more quiet and different


DOWNLOAD 32.7 MB New menu style v5 with new map style
DOWNLOAD 6 MB New menu style v5 without new map style

10 thoughts on “New menu style v5

  1. VanDiesel_k1

    Very good job!!!!Well done

  2. ciprriano


  3. nice and next version please include of this mod too zzzeuropamap_in_farbe mod

  4. would like to say I love your mods they make the game more real. how hard would it be for you to make the gps into a 3D world like the real thing

  5. ciprriano

    What I try to do now to map :

    What do you think ?

  6. ciprriano

    It’s really disappointing what happens.
    We , the creators of mods , we strive to offer you the best game experience , dedicate a lot of time and work to create this mods ,often do not receive proper respect , from thousands who have downloaded the mods,
    very few have thanked for.
    At least in my case ,my mod has been downloaded over a thousand, but only one thanked me.
    Makes me wonder if it’s worth to strive,really worth to do next version ? I do not know….
    Is that so hard to say thanks?
    I think every mods designer worth even a lousy thanks.

    1. I, for one, really like this mod and use it in every one of my drivers. I also appreciate the work that goes into making mods and don’t see myself having the patience, or knowledge, to make them myself.

      Keep up the good work and remember those that can do & those that cannot, mock and tear down the rest

  7. Initially a modder should do it for their own enjoyment, but since its free generally the mentality will be take it and run. I have been using this mod for about a day and really like the menu changes with the start button being a ush button start the quick job and freight job etc, also like the use of darker colors on the gps…

  8. ciprriano

    Thanks for your words

  9. ciprriano

    I work at New Full Hd Realistic Map Style

    Reviews ?

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