New menu style v6 with New realistic style map


YouTube preview

New icons , some in menu , some in map , some fixes :

New Loading background

New realistic style map

Enjoy !
Waiting your opinions please.



25 thoughts on “New menu style v6 with New realistic style map

  1. Does the map mod also work for TSM 4.7.2?

  2. nice mod, good work dude, thanks !!
    its awesome i think 😀

  3. Very nice , Thanks!

  4. ciprriano

    I forgot to put these pictures

    P.S : Street has default color , because green make a conflict,and appear black the street to destination.

  5. ciprriano

    Thanks !

  6. can you make only “realistic style map” mod?

  7. if choose job in job market then city can be different color not gray and please change yellow exaple the road what is explored. anyway good job thankyou for this amasing work.

  8. thx man

  9. Seems like a good idea, could be used in other maps too, were did you find that map pic.

  10. ciprriano

    You mean , to change the yellow road explored ? like in early version ?

  11. Sorry wrong place in comment, using mobile

  12. yes road change yellow if explorered, color can be different not only yellow but can be better color to see what road is explorered and not

  13. ciprriano

    I have not found it , I made it from ​​over 70 pieces in photoshop ,because any map did not fit , so i make screenshot in michalin map ,and and put together a whole day, 😀

  14. Very good mod but didn´t compare with TSM. Lots of Countrys are missing (Northern Africa for example)

  15. Can you make one for TSM and i have downloaded it, wht does my map does’nt look as bright as yours, yours is awesome, i’d also like the green lines instead of yellow.

  16. ciprriano

    Next Project Map

    What you think ?

  17. ciprriano

    For now i concentrate on default map,I’m interested in the quality and realism ,Anyway, the game focuses on Europe , at least I do not like TSM map , only that I find acceptable is this map : EUROPE 1.4.1. by MsHeavyAlex

  18. no! I think the road colors are wrong. please make the road change color if explored yellow or sames and change the green color, this one are bad here 🙂

    your work is very good, ciprriano! Pleasa dont make the roads green. On the GPS is not very good green

  19. ciprriano

    Here is with default road color

    1. LionBuster

      no Mod mistake…

  20. Minor thing with profile pics, if one goes back to edit profile with a non standard pic it can sometimes cause a crash but that could just be my game, I do have a lot of mods running at the same time.

  21. Good work!!!

  22. if open map in quick job and basic and zoom map full then roads and citys dont have there where they must. 2 layers dont correctly fixed wrght positions. Hope I write so that problem is understaning

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