Map of the north of Brazil
The map contains roads of varying difficulty and with different surfaces. The map contains
200 cities in the north of Brazil.
81 bus stations with passengers.
Many updates to objects, models and roads.
New prefabs.
Hidden roads in different parts of the map. Custom
. DLC is not needed;
Many bad and boggy roads in rural areas
Own ferries
There are bus transportation on the map The map is
autonomous, to start it you need to create a profile and select the nortebrasil.mbd module.

Reinaldo Souza


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11 thoughts on “NEW NORTH BRAZIL MAP 5.5 – ETS2 1.41

  1. dan vietnam

    mat khAU la gi pro

  2. there is a password

    1. pixell76

      password not required.Copy paste file into mod folder

  3. mio a jelszó!!!

  4. valy1030

    password ?????

  5. how can i play it?

    downloaded, installed (not opened the zip as required to instal the package), and activated in the mod list ingame.

    but nothing happen, when i launch the game, i have to choose a city to start but i can’t select anything… any idea what’s wrong?

  6. pixell76

    How To Install This Map? watch map author Reinaldo Souza video:

  7. nvm my last post, i figured out the problem. my mods were not activated when creating new profil and for some reasons it broke with old profil. now it work nice. it’s a very cool map i very like it, specially the amount of living around, npcs everywhere, traffics, accidents, life events around (tourist buses, farming, etc…)
    and the half destroyed roads are fun 😀

    thank for the map. great work

  8. find a bug tho..

    sometime when you are on a “roundabout” (or whatever it’s called, the circle road with multiples direction to go out), sometime when you turn the road that go out is all black and not lighted by the trucks light, so for like 2 secondes you are kind of rnadomly blind during the transition before the truck is on the “new” road and light it correctly.

    it’s not much of a problem as it’s just for a seconde, but it’s still a seconde during wich you are blind and just turn with no lights but hope to get in line 😀

  9. Not Working in Ets2 1.43

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