New road HD by Over Game v.3.0


Hi, I bring the latest version of New road HD mod. had the impression that the mod was heavy and the perception that some textures were “too thick”. I was fortunate to get in touch with an old mod from xsandr and rafaelbc, and enjoyed some textures from them. I was not even going to publish this mod, because I could not find their contact to ask for authorization to use it. Well there. There are 40 textures with about half worked and made directly by me. And half of the authors’ mod cited (I do not want credit for what I did not). I worked the textures to make them softer and more beautiful.

Version 3.0 of the texture pack, 40 textures of asphalt HD.
What’s new?

– Added many beautiful textures of xsandr and rafaelbc
– Refined textures
– Texture of the courtyard of the companies modified
– Modified wall textures (more real!)
– Textures of garage modified (more beautiful)

The package comes with two files. One for those who prefer yellow lines and another for those who prefer white lines. Use only one

As I did not find the contact of the mentioned modders, I leave mine in case they want to contact me: [email protected]

Modify the will of my files, I ask only to inform me so I can also enjoy the work

I recommend high priority

Tested 1.26 beta (I assume they work on versions 1.25)
Tested on original map

SCS, kimsign, xsandr, rafaelbc, Over Game


13 Responses to New road HD by Over Game v.3.0

  1. KiLLeR Modding says:

    what sweet fx or reshade do you use?

  2. blasty says:

    hi i have question, if i use white lanes version, will it change yellow lines in some countries in scandinavia?

  3. JoachimK says:

    Hello, Over Game,
    I have white Lines in 1.25+ProMods 2.11.
    Works perfect.

    @blasty- No, there is no Change of yellow Lines. I´m just
    tested it.
    Amsterdam Port= yellow Lines
    Oslo=Exit Port also yellow Lines on the Roads.

  4. Pampalini says:

    It works better and 1:25 washers

  5. blasty says:

    @JoachimK thank you for your answer 🙂

    And thank you Over Game it works on my 1.25 Promods+RusMap like a charm, great mod

  6. DAFings says:


  7. kevuk29 says:

    This is sick my roads look great 🙂

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