New Skin Trailer Company


Soheil.B!nam (Group M.S.A)


11 Responses to New Skin Trailer Company

  1. Ianwigan says:

    we cant read chinese so we wont be able give you help

  2. Ianwigan says:

    some one has no a sense of fun or see the funny side i guess elderock its time for blood pressure pill the retard is the guy who mouths on a public forum and makes a ##### of himself

  3. Ianwigan says:

    oh by the way your diaper is in need of changing we wouldnt like your big ### to get chapped

  4. GT says:

    Straight from the horses arse to the masses hey

  5. Ghass72 says:

    its persian language not arabic.

  6. Ianwigan says:

    Guess so but you have to try and be light hearted with a sense of humour I was just joking but obvious to me some folk don’t see the funny side . In the world we live in and the troubles that happen a sense of humour helps like I say wasn’t being insulting to the language and I reckon the guys who did the mod will see it that way unlike elderock who comes out with stuff like that makes us guys who can and do do mods on this site want to say sod it but why should one foul mouth #####. Spoil it for you all I guess elderock don’t know any other way of communication other than foul language and calling people retards to get a response and attention. You elderock need to think that children use this site for ets2 and your language isn’t right for children to see

  7. Frenk says:

    Lanwigan is a n ignorant a**hol*, but he is too ignorant to understand.

    Bomb bomb bomb Iran anyone? that’s right. People like Lanwigan turn out to be inept like McCain and Bush Junior. Why don’t you actually take two seconds to learn something about other people you don’t even know anything about dude? Oh, and this is what Chinese looks like: 你怎么搞得?

  8. GT says:

    yes mate I know what you mean and where you are coming from. as it is VERY easy for some to understand internet humour ..and for others ,,not so much ..

    I only posted the horses arse comment because replying to that elderock person in such a manner lowered you to less than that persons standards..& I know you are indeed Far better than that ..

    perhaps adding a 🙂 after a funny comment such as what you initially posted would help those with little talent & brains ,not to mention exceptionally low levels of intelligence to realise the comment posted was simply in fun & indeed had NOTHING to do with being insulting,,

    Ahh well never mind hey 🙂 overall No damage was done ,,,nobody got smudged mascara or threw a handbag in a fit of rage ,,,HAHHAHA ,. it’s just a forum and ALL forums are famous for this sort of goings on ..simply based on how one reads into what is posted .

    cheers and ALL the best …. and modders ..please Keep the high levels of your #### mods coming … HAHHAHAHA …just kidding folks …you see this is what is called HUMOUR ….try it once in a while … it helps … 🙂


  9. Ianwigan says:

    No worrys gt and I will keep doing my rubbish and garbage paint jobs etc cheers

  10. Can someone please make a scania xl longline truck please!?

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