NEXT-GEN Graphic Mod

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NEXT-GEN Graphic Mod

Instructions in archiv

DamianSVW, piva, Rafaelbc


42 thoughts on “NEXT-GEN Graphic Mod

  1. Trailer is that, Nice! oh man….

  2. It only contains a pdf file and a video: ((((

    1. DamianSVW

      Download link in PDF file 🙂

      1. Links are not working its say no such file !

  3. Fabian Haizmann


    1. It works with Promods and Poland Rebuilding

  4. Ahmet Budanır

    I don’t know how to make the installation?

  5. links are not working

  6. tunning6000

    Amazing Graphic.Excellent job.thanks

    1. How did you make it work

      1. He setup another email address to say that, to make more ppl download it!

        1. ive used it myself and it definitely does work

  7. all are working well.

  8. KingScania

    My game wont start up with ReShade installed

  9. It’s for daltonian ?!
    If you really do not see that the person has problems with color perception – go to the doctor now !!!

    This is for you dudes:

  10. myoung yun


  11. It’s ###### ! Links aren’t working.

    1. Make sure you are copying full link correctly.

  12. As+all+real.You’re+a+man+of+talent.

  13. la più bella grafica di sempre
    davvero un ottimo lavoro

  14. TheGreenlightTrucker

    We download a 300+ MB Video & a PDF file with links. Why you dont post the links directly? Because earn money?

    1. THANK YOU!

  15. neranjana

    Amazing Graphic mod

    How To Download,Install & Review (Direct Download Link)
    HD Video 1.30

  16. DamianSVW

    Download links are in this PDF file with the manual I made it so that it is easier to install the mod for amateurs, and you know there are a lot of people who “reupload” mods is a way… so i do not earn on this nothing compared to the time spent on creating this Mod. If you do not like, do not download

    I for my part wanted to add that the work on this MOD took me almost half year, may contain sporadically some individual files of other authors I think it is no problem, these are thousands of dds files mostly created by me. I am very happy with the result.

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      You can pack all in one rar 😉 That’s the easier way.

    2. DamianSVW…

      Again the links are not working please check the pdf and update the links……..or create a rar which is more easier!

    3. Mod is great, but I have one problem. I can’t sleep on parking. I tried several different parking lots. I use ProMods. If anyone known how to decide this problem, I will be so grateful for the help.

  17. You write: works with ProMods & Poland Rebuilding… but you seem to exclude all other maps like Vanilla, MHAPro, TSM, Rusmap, ROS. Is this correct? When yes, we have a problem even if your work is very nice.
    Hope you give us more explanations. Thanks.

  18. This file work on TSM, RusMap, Romania Extended, all in the latest versions. Don`t use any mod that alters weather! Good work, getting a few errors, but works fine so far.

  19. marco scania vabis


  20. Thank you Guest

  21. The clouds in the distance are blurry, if i disable your weather module can i use another one instead?

  22. It+can+use+the+ATS?

  23. Nice Graphics mod for ETS2 …. can we see one for ATS 🙂

  24. work with ets2 1.31.1 version?

  25. WolfINFINIte

    I can se it on Euro Truck Simulator 2 MultiPlayer?

  26. dont matter

    don’t download it it contains malware via pdf, i reported it to authorities, as spreading virusses and malware

  27. Why+there+is+no+update+of+the+chart+for+1.34

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