Nissan GTR 2017 v3 (New engine v3) Fatser

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This is the 2017 Nissan GTR v3

This is version 3 of the mod which includes a faster engine that v2 of the new sound in the GTR

Engine sound – v6
Engine – Twin Turbo v6 (500hp)

Note – You cant use automatic unless you have it in 6th gear (working on fixing transmission)
– Also their one bug at the moment and that is if you choose a metallic paint job or select a low chassis there will be no sound I’m not sure why at the moment working on a fix
But you will have a blast in Manual
New engine coming soon (Making it even more faster 800hp)

Exterior and Interior design done by KadirYagiz



9 thoughts on “Nissan GTR 2017 v3 (New engine v3) Fatser

  1. stefangamer70

    try to create a car with vw golf 4 2.0 tdi

    1. VW Golf or new golf 2018….

  2. AzoraxModdingGaming

    HD Test Video 1080p:

  3. Please make the rims bigger

  4. ETS 2 is not a racing game, but a driving simulator. We do not need more powerful engines: we need more realistic engines, which can be driven in manual and automatic mode. This mod has errors that should be corrected before it is published. In addition, this version is missing the same as the previous: dashboard indicators, on-board computer… I see that you do not know or do not want to improve and correct your mods. So, just publish new mods or new versions that do not improve anything

    1. Dee Michael

      Talk for you and only for you, but not in our name. We use ETS2 as a highway to drive fast or in tourist mod, as we want. Thanks to the powerfull engine.

  5. Nice mod, can u make Peugeot 207 plz?

  6. super mod ,but the gearbox is not working and after losing suspension of the engine sound: /

  7. nice

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