No punishment for speeding from Police Cars

No fineds from Police Cars for speeding.
You will hear still the siren, but your punishment will be zero.
Nothing else changend!!

Tested at 1.27.

Rudi, and amir_dvg for the idee.


6 thoughts on “No punishment for speeding from Police Cars

  1. Debil

  2. No need for that. When i drive too fast i pay for it or i drive as it should be confirming the traffic rules.

    1. partially agree, in reality not always police can fine you while driving so the trick is to be able to speed where possible without being caught even if you cross by police cars. that easiness that cops can fine you can be disturbing.

  3. I do not care about money. also I drive in the regular, there are many videos of me on YT.
    What I do not like about the new policecars is: if a vehicle oncoming, or drive behind me over a bridge and i get a punishment, then it is for me unrealistic.
    I do not want to talk about relism in this game, but that´s really annoying me.

    I wanted to do also a mod for this, but it was not that important. Yesterday amir did one, and this one are really a joke. So i did quickly this one. 😉

    And goba. Did it hurts? :p

  4. I am not yet on 1.27 but I expect that police cars won’t fine you in the several situations:
    – driving in front of you or behind you 2+ Ai vehicles
    – coming from the opposite direction on motorway
    I am wondering if the distance from which a police car can fine you could be reduced to only a few meters (no more than one car distance). that mod I will use 😉

  5. Hi Rudi, perhaps you could check if this mod is still working?

    Driving through Germany, I’ve just been fined, twice, by police cars going by.

    Before, everything was working fine… 🙂

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