[Official] Momo’s Physics v 6.2.2 (1.31.x)

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This is a joypad/gamepad friendly version of Momo’s Physics 6.1, but will also work very well with wheels. This mod does not include seat suspension, so it is highly recommended to use with my “Air Ride series” mod which can be found here:


– Realistic truck cabin movements (studied from real life trucks)



1.0 – No longer available
2.0 – No longer avaialable
3.0 – Subtle movements
4.0 – Moderate movements
5.0 – Subtle movements
6.0 (Geometry series) – Subtle movements with all the steering ratio features, for wheels only.
6.1 (Geometry series) – Moderate movements with all the steering ratio features, for wheels only.
6.2 (Joypad Friendly) – A clone of 6.1 but without the steering ratio features. For both joypads and wheels.
6.3 (Active series) – Max movements with all the steering ratio features, for wheels only.
6.3 (Joypad Friendly) – A clone of 6.3 but without the steering ratio features. For both joypads and wheels.

Note: From 6.x versions onward, the seat suspension is not included but available separately.

1. Make sure you have enabled the “physics camera” in the game option menu. And its bar has been set to 100%.
2. (Recommended) Set the “Trailer Stability” to 0%.
3. (Recommended for 900 degree wheels) Steering sensitivity 50%, Steering Non Linearity 75%.
4. This mod must be higher than any truck mods, and any mod related to the trucks.
5. (Optional) For realistic feel of the speed, type “warp 0.85″(default is 1.0) in the console command (without the ” “) for FOV 80 degrees. The speed will be equal to real life.

– Compatible with game patch 1.31.x and all DLCs.
– Compatible trucks:
1. All SCS original,
2. MadSter MAN TGX euro6 version 2.1, (Tested with 1.31 OK)
3. RJL Scania, (not sure i did not update the truck)
4. RTA Renault T, (not sure i did not update the truck)
5. Scania 114L by Tiana95 (4×2). (not sure i did not update the truck)
– (Very rare) Some engine mods may conflict with this mod.
My other mods

Although all the intellectual property rights belong to SCS, But please respect hard works of the mod author.
The mod author does not give consent for anyone to:

– Re-post by any other download link other than the given link above.
– Re-post as is, as your own.
DONATION (Not required, but highly appreciated)

Any amount (even one cent) of your kindness & support will be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately friends invitations will be accepted on certain circumstances only. However, you can contact me through:

1. The comment section below. (Rude comments will be deleted)
2. Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Momos-mods-365686307191461/
3. My Youtube Chanel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAtYWr0IodkLyO9W4tMbpg/videos?view_as=subscriber
4. My email: [email protected]



3 thoughts on “[Official] Momo’s Physics v 6.2.2 (1.31.x)

  1. ziaazemira

    Thanks !!!

  2. Momo, a big THANK YOU for v 6.2.2 !!!
    With the new version of physics, I now prefer Air Ride B.
    Previously preferred Air Ride A.

  3. Rubber Duck

    Hi Momo,

    I absolutely adore your physics mods. They are great !!!

    Today I ran into a problem. ETS2 crashes when I visit the DAF Truck Dealer in Amsterdam. When I browse through all the available trucks ETS2 always crashes on the third (3/8) truck. It’s the DAF XF105 Space Cab Plus truck. It does NOT happen when I deactivate the physics mod.

    I started a new clean profile and I only activated these two Momo mods to make sure no other mods would interfere.

    1.[Official] Air Ride A Series 1.0 By Momo
    2.[Official] Momo’s Physics v 6.2.2 (1.31.x)

    It happens with the newer physics mod as well:

    [Official] Momo’s Physics v 6.3.1 Joypad Friendly (1.31.x)

    I only just started playing this great game and could only check two other truck dealers. The Mercedes and Scania dealers are OK.

    Other dealers I was not able to visit yet.

    Could you please take a look what might be the problem ?

    Many thanks in advance for your precious time and efforts !!!


    Rubber Duck


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