OLSF AWDS Chassis Pack 3

Compatible versions: ETS2 1.31 / 1.32 / 1.33 beta
Supported trucks: Volvo FH, Scania 2016
Buy a new truck and set high priority for use this mod.
OLSF Chassis Pack 3 improves your truck adding better grip, handling, stability and fuel autonomy. Includes:

– All Wheel Drive (AWD) system
– All Wheel Steering (AWS) system
– Optimized weight distribution
– Extended fuel/AdBlue capacity
Chassis included:

– OLSF iAWD/S 4×4 ER
– OLSF iAWD/S 8×8 ER
Changelog (3.0):

– Beta support for ETS2 1.33
Thank you all for your downloads, comments and videos.



One thought on “OLSF AWDS Chassis Pack 3

  1. could you pls make an 6X6 AWD chassis pls ?
    thank you

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