Open Pipe for all Trucks v 12.0

I also promised you for new version and as a confirmation of the success of the previous version I decided to make a copy Number 12
Thank you very much your support is greatly appreciated.
● Features
●Corrected No Sound internal cabines on stock engines in stock trucks.
●Stock Engine sounds reworked.
● HD & Clean Sound
● Gear air sound
● Transmission Specs.
● New trucks.
● Engine sound
● Air brake sound
● Tires sound
● Winker sound
● Replaced by improved on real sounds of sticks in the interior.And many other fixes
* ETS2 1.30.1 No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
If I find a great interaction I will make a new version soon



15 thoughts on “Open Pipe for all Trucks v 12.0

  1. How many Open pipes do we get , every day an new one ? can you make an video from the sound every day

  2. neranjana

    i did it i cant

    1. esto es SPAM acoso por internet, si todos los días haces una versión pon videos todos los días para que veamos la diferencia, por que sino entenderé que es un engaño, no será que eres un robot automatico y no una persona, será que ganas dinero o prestigio en la red por las subidas del archivo, usa internet con sensated, no lo llenes de cosas duplicadamente absurdas, podrían tomar acciones contra ti los responsables de la pagina

  3. is there some one who downloaded this and show us what’s insde the mod with a video

  4. Roadhunter

    lol and tomorrow version 13, then 14, etc …

    Only to have small download points

    Nothing news in sound!!!

    1. You are soo right, Roadhunter.
      For me Spam and useless kiddy Mod LOL

  5. ###### mod – change every day. Cash only for downloads…

  6. Yes this is v12 when updating the file manager (I like the image)

  7. the best version for me

  8. Thanks work for me

  9. Truckin' Nuts

    still no RJL trucks in it. Such a shame 🙁

  10. -vusuv
    = frederique410
    He still answers to himself for a wrong Impression that somebody likes this s***.

  11. There is only one sound for all trucks. It is stolen from various authors he didn’t mentioned in credits.

  12. Berlin-Trigger

    Kommt jetzt jeden Tag ein Update, oder was

    1. Alles gestohlen und als seine ausgegeben. 🙁
      Und nur um Punkte und Geld zu machen. 🙁

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