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Adaptation for 1.17, 1.18

– Added to Gallery
– Errors fixes (clear log file)
– Dealer DAF

Author: Team TLESgames


11 Responses to Optimus Prime Edit

  1. kent76 says:

    What’s new ? I can see nothing but a skin ….
    PS: The truck of Optimus’ is a Western Star 5700 OP. Hope somebody could change the freightliner in the game and stop misleading people.

  2. kent76 says:

    the truck works well and it doesn’t need to change anything to adjust the new game version…..well, the chrome wheels of Optimus’ disapeared .

  3. WobblyCaptain says:

    I tried to download the original Optimus prime but the link didn’t seem to work so I will try this one.

    • ShuqGrind says:

      Ok,fine enough.so,how about the first Optimus mod – the Peterbilt 389 plus the trailer? I’ve been waiting for an updated version so i hope you can work on it sooner.

  4. Crackermark says:

    5th wheel needs to be moved forward, cargo over 30 tonnes you lose steering. Tachometer and speedometer are not accurate. From the interior, there are no visable back up lights, this makes backing up in the dark difficult. Other than these problems, this is a fabulous mod. If I may request, could this truck be made skinnable/paintable?.

  5. anders says:

    why dont u give credits to the real maker of this mod as well? have u even asked him? smoke still dont Works and blue LED lights dont Works either the back of the truck isnt the true optimus prime had like the maker of the mod had added in the first plaze! fix it and give him so credit!

  6. Space Cam says:

    this mods overwrite the Coronado truck in the version 1.18.x and not only that it is in two dealers slot Mercedes and daf

  7. ted hegner says:

    It’s lame that you lock all the paint jobs your tail lights are nice but that’s it not in to a Halloween thing year round! it’s last 3 minutes and than it was deleted!

    I’m sorry you wasted your time on me! But I want you to know this is my favorite truck next to the Kenworth w900 that know one will fix either!

    Now if your want to fix OP than this is what i would do if i knew what you guts know:

    1) the cat motor sounds and runs the best make that about 1500 hp
    2) give it a 18 gear (r) transmission
    3) give people the option on the raised hood ( look good in the moves but i think it make it a little harder to see)
    4) lighten up the inside some dump the horn button but keep the wheel.
    5) dash options blue lights but not to dark when the lights are off they should be white.
    6) put a nice GPS in the dash and hook it to the engine so when it starts the GPS is ready
    7) put a some lighting or a windows in the sleeper it dark back there!
    8) light options for the bumper and the roof also it must have air horns!
    9) choice of visors would be nice!

  8. piotrek says:

    fajna gra

  9. Giuseppe says:

    What is the console? and how i turn on?

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