O’TOOLES Combo Pack BussBygg trailer

This mod includes skin to scania rjl Topline, And skin to bussbygg tandem mod

Bamse, BKC, Bussbygg


12 thoughts on “O’TOOLES Combo Pack BussBygg trailer

  1. Hi! im the creator of this mod. Let me know any bugs or anything.

    1. Terje Lahaug

      Hi!have a litle problem,can not copy the files in your mod into truck and trailer!Is there a way you can send me finished files?Love the skins

      1. open the truck/tandem bussbygg MOD with winrar and simply drag and drop into the said filepaths …and it replaces the originals

        1. Terje Lahaug

          Have tried that,but i use 7-zip!Is it the same as winrar?

          1. Terje Lahaug

            Downloaded winrar now,and it works!!Thank you:)

  2. DenDenvideo

    Where can I find that trailer mod? Thanks

  3. Where can try the Scania an tandem mod?

  4. the skins looks good, however mod is out-dated and needs to be updated to RJL’s latest version – there are some missing accessories…frontgrill/doorstep and so on. Hopefully a mod shared in public and not paid.

    1. Hi! Pleas send a Email to me at [email protected]

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